Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quad SSD drive and dynamic graphics is SONY VAIO Z

we just got word that the Core i7-620M pumpin' VAIO Z series from Sony will be hitting Europe in late March. The Z's biggest claim to fame is its ultra-fast Quad SSD, a rather unique Sony innovation that writes data in parallel to four SSDs (up to 256GB total capacity in RAID 0) at speeds up to 6.2x faster than typical 5400 rpm laptop hard disks.

Sony also fits the Z with a hybrid graphics solution that combines 1GB of NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with Intel HD graphics allowing you to automatically (or manually) switch between "speed" and "stamina" modes... presumably without requiring a logout if we're reading "dynamic" correctly. Rounding out the specs are 6GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 802.11n WiFi, integrated optical drive, and optional VAIO Everywair 3G mobile broadband module all stuffed into this 13.1-inch laptop with 1920 x 1080 pixel LED backlit display with 210 x 23.8-32.7 x 314mm and 1.43kg footprint. Power AND portability? Come give us a hug Sony.

NEW Samsung MU200 caught on camera, begging for its screen to be touched

SAMSUNG MU200.. Somehow we missed giving the Samsung MU200 a groping at CES, and we're pretty sure we'd forgive ourselves for that if hadn't caught some pretty incomplete video of the 20-inch touchscreen all-in-one.

Though it has some responsive touch buttons, we've got no idea how its multitouch display performs since the German-chap forgot to test it out. We know CES can be an exhausting time, but we're not sure how you forget to try out the most important part of the machine (there's even a big cartoon finger demanding onlookers to touch it!). But we do learn from the video that the system packs a 2.2GHz Intel Pentium T4400 processor, 2GB of RAM, 320GB of storage, and GeForce G310 graphics and that it got a fair share of ports along the backside and an optical drive on its right side. For now we'll just be left wondering what's its like to drag our fingers over that digital fish pond, and if the MU200 will making it past the Korean market. Hit the break for the video.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Motorola Shadow is Nexus Two with sliding QWERTY keyboard?

MOTOROLA SHADOW The gang at Mobile01 have laid out two more photos of what is being called the Motorola Shadow (not to be confused with the T-Mobile Shadow), which in a nutshell looks like Droid / Milestone with a white keyboard and wrist strap.

Even more interesting is the assertion that this could be Google's next flagship device, here lovingly dubbed the Nexus Two. Now while there is no way to corroborate at this point, we could totally buy this as feasible. After all, what better way to complement the Nexus One slate than with one with physical QWERTY? And who better than the company whose Android 2.0 device increased the platform's mindshare at supersonic speeds, with a CEO willing to signify support even at the launch event for a competitor's product? Color us curious -- wrist strap-laden render after the break

New Acer Liquid now available in black

While we have yet to see the Acer Liquid popping up for real on American soil, the lucky Brits have just been treated to a second color option -- black -- for this underclocked Snapdragon Android phone.

Still no sign of the red option that Acer promised, though. Price remains steady at around £330 (which is about $537) at a couple of UK e-tailers, but hey, with that shiny $529 tag on the Nexus One it's hard to be mad at our British friends. Let's hope Google and Vodafone can work out something nice for them.

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