Friday, June 5, 2009

Now, Google Chrome Already Supports HTML Video

Who says the new still fragile? That is reasonable if we may match with that of Google's browser chrome. Although the new but already good enough to run on the user, may be free of the many things that was new Chrome, but also of many important features that have not been there in the web browser.

One of them could be on the video support. But now Google just to give full support to Chrome to show the features of HTML that can display the video as an alternative of Adobe Flash. This new feature can be found at the Chrome Besides, this is not the end of the HTML 5 standard which is being moved to the google web browser's own.

Tag "video" of the HTML is available with various versions, such as Apple Safari, Firefox and Opera. However HTML 5 standard which includes the video itself is not wrong, so it was not completed comprehensive research on the code.

In a speech Wednesday (27/05/09) on the Google I / O conference, Papakipos Matthew, one of the director of engineering at Google, said that the HTML 5 video will cover the integration with the website programming, so for example some kind of action on the website akan can have their own way to stop the run or video. Well, how will the other browsers? This is also done by the same developer in the Firefox 3.5 beta integrate video, as well as the Safari 4 beta.

Of issues that exist, this technology uses encode and decode video. Firefox itself supports Ogg Theora format of the video such as that used by dailymotion. Well, what with these new features, Chrome is still stable enough to go surfing? Hopefully it.

Mobinnova Elan, Smartbook with NVIDIA Tegra

Are you ready with the revolution smartbook? Yes, now we have so many choices faced by life, as well as the technology at this time the idea even though many think that if we do that and only that. But may need to be a question that continues and will not be missed is the technology solution that continues to develop itself.

If so let us acquainted with one of the generation of the present smartbook supported with full engine NVIDIA Tegra sized 8.9 inch, it still has not explained later smartbook will use what the OS. However, be that later on this model will be integrated with Innovative 3D Graphical User Interface that supports the full torque if you are in the video. In addition, later this smartbook also equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G and have the endurance for 5 - 10 minutes when you are playing videos. Wow, this is he that we search for this.

In addition smartbook that this be able to survive until 24 days when you only use it to listen to the music. Will certainly also very long when you use it for internet while on a trip, something that is very interesting when we have them.

At the same time, product type Mobinnova introduced this type of T8 is the platform where the same 10 inch screen with touch screen, GPS, HDMI and VGA video output. But unfortunately the NVIDIA itself would not explain in detail how the price of this product smartbook. You interested? We wait for further news and just pray that this will smartbook comes with a friendly price for you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swimming Use Bluetooth Speaker

Like listening to music? What if your indulgence to listen to music you do is normal anywhere, anytime. Melomania is certainly a very suitable for you who have a habit like that.

To meet the needs of their music is, especially in an area that seems impossible when you can listen to music, and thus become a curious sense of your own party for a particular end with all the good intention to produce objects such as soccer, which is a bluetooth speaker immune to water. Wow, fantastic!

Yes, and that ultimately the struggle to create unique objects produces exciting results, because it has been running well, during testing in the offshore Phuket, Thailand. This object was about 40 USD. Nah, you're interested in playing water while listening to music you prefer, use this tool?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is not only fast but also sparing

If you originally got interested in the Toshiba TG01 using the Snapdragon 1GH processor, so this time you will also get a similar thing but with a different type of laptop that's also a different vendor. Yes, now also uses the Qualcomm chipset at 1.3GHz QSD8650A that he will soon compete in the market before the end of the year later in 2009. Of course this is a prefix that is good enough and many smartphone smartbook will soon swarm later in the year 2010.

What we get from smartbook this? Qualcomm own party said that the effect will be very good because it is faster than 30% of regular laptops, in addition to the 30% more sparingly, it is estimated that when you use it will only spend 10 miliwatt on the standby.

The new chipset also supports multi-mode 3G UMTS and CDMA is equipped with features 2D and 3D graphics acceleration, integrated GPS, high vide recording and playback, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi and use the WXGA (1280 × 800px). Well, whether Qualcomm will be ready for this series to compete with Toshiba TG01?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Chery platform, new Blackberry

NEW DELHI - As many companies that only want the Blackberry, this is after AJ Square released a platform called Red Chery. Platform is believed to more easily and more rather than fascinate plaform used by the product property is Research in Motion.

Red Chery offers a product that has been jail data streaming technology for mobile phones today. Section of using Universal Mail Services (UMS) and data synchronization service, Red Chery have privileges that are compatible with all electronic message service or email.

Bussines Week launch on Monday (1/6/2009), Red Chery is designed to apply to the integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the GSA (Global service Amalgamation). So, later mail from Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Hotmail, rediff, MS Exchange, Lotus and IBM servers can be used on any smart phone.

"Red chery this is an alternative platform for mobile devices that will change the way people view to access and share information using a smart phone in the future," said Boaz According Augustin, Chairman and Managing Director, AJ Square Consultancy Services.

"Even Red Chery platform able to synchronize contacts and calendar. Although, the phone does not have an application that," he said.

Free iPod Touch, for Students

Try engaging more consumers, especially among students, the end of Apple itself trying to experiment with new methods of promotion is to promote the iPod with its iPod Touch eliminate way.

With the promo itself, students and college students can buy a Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or iMac and iPod Touch get free. Wah! Of course this is very beneficial for those who want to have the iPod Touch and Mac computer in the same time.

To be able to enjoy this promotion, buyers must be students or school students. This campaign lasted until September 8 and will be processed on October 9th overall.

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