Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vostro 1220, Dell New Weapon Candidates

TEXAS - Vendor computer origin United States (USA), prepared newest issue of weapons, dell vostro 1220.

The latest generation of Dell notebooks, it will use 12-inch screen with a Core 2 Duo processor t6750 with the speed of 2.1GHz. Options screen is 12 inches, is a breakthrough for Dell that were previously played on the screen size 13 inch and 15 inch.

Softpedia Saturday (20/6/2009) spread, vostro 1220 will be planned for the business who need a laptop that can meet all their needs from the internet to multimedia and of course supported with maximum performance.

Vostro 1220 will also be supported with hard disk capacity up to 320 GB and 4 GB RAM capacity. Not only that, 1220 is equipped with features such as interesting, Fingerprint reader, SD card slot.

To design and color options, according to news circulating the only one color choice, which is only red.

However, Dell has not been able to launch the certainty of the vostro 1220. Dell only repeatedly stated, will issue a vostro generation in the near future. (srn)

Google Translate Farsi to English

Internet giant Google, starting from the translation of the Persian or Farsi language, Friday 19 June 2009. Google hopes this step can be used to help disseminate information about post-election crisis in the Iranian president.

The Google translator ( has been able to translate the text to speak in Persian to English, so is vice versa. Google says the attempt to add about 40 languages that can be translated to and from the Persian language.

"This service is free of any translated, news, pages, blogs, electronic mail, or Facebook messages," said a press statement via Google cited as the television station CNN.

The launch of Google feel translators from the Persian-English is very important in the midst of chaotic in Iran. For the past week, flooding the demonstrant the street, in the capital city of Iran, Tehran, to protest results of presidential elections.

Incumbent candidate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated the absolute gain of 62.63 percent of votes. The opponents no point cheating in vote counting process and the re-election.

However, Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has asserted will not hold elections and ordered the investigation of allegations of cheating is.

"Google Translate is a tool that can help those who speak Persian to communicate with the world, to improve access to information," said Google.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

E-P1, a sophisticated camera from Olympus

San Francisco: Olympus introduced, a digital camera newest E-P1, on Tuesday (16 / 6). This camera will be released to the market in July, with prices around 750 U.S. dollars. This camera is sophisticated enough, E-P1 is able to record high definition (HD) video.

Although equipped with interchangeable lenses, this camera is not the type of reflection sigle lens (SLR). E-P1 has a 12.3 megapixel sensor as the Olympus E-30 and E-620 DSLR. Lens is paired with the camera body so that it offers more flexibility and the ability of a camera.

Body made of stainless steel, which is designed just stored in a jacket pocket or purse. The size of the camera is about 4.75 x 2.75 x 1.43 inches with a weight of 11.8 oz. Using the camera Olympus Zuiko M is available in the 14-42 mm f3.5-5, 6 and 17mm F2.8.

Olympus camera also features image stabilization feature, with three-inch LCD with live view and dust cleaning. The camera is also able to record a JPEG AVI video with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. (Macworld)

Source : liputan6

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kingston Launches USB Flash Disk 128GB DataTraveler 200

Have you heard the news that the price of a flash disk can reach hundreds of dollars? Hm, of course news as it has never sounded more at this time. But not for products from Kingston this. And he said this latest product price can reach hundreds of dollars.

As the news from the Kingston, that the government has recently launched its latest product, namely the USB Flash Disk is USB Flash Disk 128GB Datatraveler 200. With storage space is greater, and can accommodate more data. In addition, also on the flash disk, the application provided some additional built-in data such as password protection and Windows ReadyBoost capabilities. And for that price with their own stamp worth 546 USD. Wow, fantastic price for such a high price for the flash disk.

However, there is, in this case the Kingston also has provided a product that other flash disk storage space is not a place that is too big 32GB worth 120 USD and 64 GB for 213 USD. Hm, now it's up to you to select!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Now Already Available USB 3.0 Driver For Linux

If you have already heard about the previous USB 3.0, and already can be used for those using Windows, and how the fate of Linux computer users, is there any chance to try superspeed USB 3.0's this?

In fact it can be realized now, with the presence of NEC USB 3.0 Controller this month, finally Sarah Sharp, who created a special driver for Linux so that users can also use this USB 3.0. Sarah works with its own Keve Gabbert, which is one of the employees at Intel. Keve own attempt to ensure the marketing is USB 3.0 on Linux such as Ubuntu and Red Hat itself can walk better. and you want to try the speed of USB 3.0 is? Wait.

MSI-X Soon Introduce Slim X600 in Europe

MSI seems to always want to be the foremost. That is that we can see from the various businesses in the MSI incubate new products and ready to melemparnya notebook market. It seems so far are still not want to participate creating MSI-production following smarbook but it is still on the track itself.

This time MSI introduce X-Slim X600. This alone has 2 variants. The first, supported processor with 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Solo, 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive capacity. For both versions, supported with a processor Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz, 3 GB RAM and 320 GB capacity hard drives and have built-in Bluetooth.

In addition to this model, using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics, HDMI out, 3 USB ports, baterei 6-cell, they both have a 15.6 inch screen and has a resolution of 1366 x 768 px. Later the two types will be marketed in this price range 949 EUR and 799 USD. Will be the new MSI notebook will be released in Europe end of this month of June 2009.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

NVidia Launches Memory Card EVGA for Mac Pros

For you Mac owners products, have the following information from the manufacturer chirk NVIDIA, manufacturer of graphics and motherboard chipset leading with the newest products.

Recently, the NVidia officially launched the product of the memory card that is newest EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285. As was confirmed by the NVidia, said this version is very friendly with the products from the Mac. This product is official price was USD 450 and is available in the various shops that sell Apple products of course.

Components that support this product is 1 GByte DDR memory, a 240 processing core, memory clock speed of 2.584 Mhz, the memory bandwidth of 159 GByte / sec, and a pair of DVI ports is dual-link that can operate on the 30 inch monitor size and resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels ie with the assumption that in this case can be used to monitor the size of a pair of 30 inch at a time.

Google Releases Programming Tool, for Android 1.5

Finally, the team's hard work that developers are developing for the Android operating system 1.5 has reached its peak. And indeed this is a far-away days have been announced by Google's own party.

One of the parties from the Xavier Ducrohet Google has announced on the Android 1.5 software development kid (SDK) on this blog in the Android developer. View from the note to its release, indicated by a very enthusiastic that the developer of the future will be very interested to develop this further as this project is quite challenging. But enthusiasm among themselves, also announced that for its own Android 1.5 can not support the Zilog Z80 processor architecture.

As for the new features of its own Android, Cupcake is one of them, besides there are also video support, a fast GPS, stereo Bluetooth, a sophisticated Web browser, the screen changes from the keyboard and display interface.

T-Mobile made their own already in demand as much as 1 million mobile phone G1 in the United States. Meanwhile, in Germany itself to being released soon will the month of May 2009. And this is the spirit of Google to create their own to continue to create this product because it was obtained a very good response from our customers.

Is this T-Mobile Samsung Bigfoot blend Android, AMOLED and QWERTY?

Android technology is now being sought. That is also the basis on which the parties finally T-Mobile would like to own newest products is provided with Android. And, what is the latest from T-Mobile berteknologi Android? That had also made a combination between the QWERTY and AMOLED?

This is a Samsung mobile phone with a technology called Android-call with T-Mobile Samsung Bigfoot. Hmmm how about the detail specification of this one smartphone? This sophisticated mobile phone has a screen with a 3 inch wide by using the AMOLED screen, It also can use the QWERTY keyboard.

Want to save your precious moments? Yes this phone has been given a 3 megapixel camera and is covered with HSDPA. But I have not mentioned this when the phone will be officially released by the T-Mobile also with the following price range that is installed on the Bigfoot this.

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